Thursday, October 28, 2010

Confusion and Excitement

I am confused about how to make this blog stuff work and I'm excited because I posted my application to the RTC yesterday. (Please be patient while I tweak the page. Also, let me know if my Latin grammar is wrong and tell me what it should say.)

I sent it express so they should be in possession of it and processing it.

Now that the initial paperwork is complete I must patiently await approval/acceptance and the chance to choose my subjects.

The list should look something like this:

Subject No.Subject NameWhen Taught
Old Testament
OT201Formative OT TraditionsO1
OT202From Israel to JudeaO2
OT205Genesis, Deuteuronomy, SamuelO1
OT206Pre-exilic ProphetsE2
New Testament
NT201Gospel TraditionsE1
NT202Early NT ChurchE2
NT205Luke, JohnE1
NT206Romans/I CorinthiansO2
Th310Doctrine of God, ChristE1
Th311The Holy Spirit, Grace and HopeO1
Philosophy & Ethics
PE211Ethics and Contemporary ProblemsE2
Church History
Ch301The Church to 1550All1
Ch3021550 to Modern TimesAll2
Evangelism and Missiology
EM202History of MissionE1
EM207Bib. And Cont. Theology of MissionO2
EM213Mission Area StudyAllBoth
EM223Foundations for EvangelismE1
EM240Cross Cultural Field EducationO2
EM241Evangelism Field EducationE2
Pastoral and Church Focussed Ministry
PC202Pastoral Care (= Foundations)E1
PC203Pastoral Skills & MethodsO2
PC210Personal Life of Those in MinistryAllBoth
PC215Christian WorshipO1
PC235Management and LeadershipO1
PC243Pastoral Ministry Field EducationE2
PC246Lay Ministry Field EducationE2
PC249Supervised Exp. Based Learning (SEBL)AllBoth
RDP21Principles of PreachingE2
Developmental Ministries
DM210Foundations for Youth MinistryO1
DM241Youth Ministry Field EducationO2
LA203a/bBiblical Hebrew (two semesters)EBoth
LA204a/bNew Testament Greek (two semesters)OBoth

Then I'll have to decide which direction to take with the studies. I am definitely doing  Greek and Hebrew but as for the other subjects I'm not sure. I like Church History so I'll hopefully do both. I think I'd like History of Mission, Apologetics, OT, NT and Theology subjects. I'm undecided on Ethics and Contemporary Problems.

Thing is I'll only be doing the Diploma subjects for semester one...unless I fail miserably then I'll do the Diploma till the end of the year. After semester one I hope to be doing well enough to change to the Degree course.

Degree subjects are something like this:

Subject No.Subject NameWhen TaughtPrerequisites
Old Testament
OT301Formative OT TraditionsO1None
OT302From Israel to JudeaO2None
OT/NT303Introduction to HermeneuticsE2None
OT411Former Prophets [E]O14 Subjects incl. 301,302
OT4228th Century Prophets [Hebrew]O24 subjects incl. 301, 302 + LA303
OT423Exilic Prophecy [Hebrew]E14 subjects incl. 301, 302 + LA303
OT426The Psalter [Hebrew]E24 subjects incl. 301, 302 + LA303
RDO31Foundations for Hebrew ExegesisO1LA303
New Testament
NT301Cont. & Set Gospel TraditionsE1None
NT302Early NT ChurchE2None
NT430Synoptic Gospels [Greek]O14 subjects incl. 301, 302 + LA304
NT4244th Gospel [English]E14 subjects incl. 301 + 301
NT4344th Gospel [Greek]O24 subjects incl. 301, 302 + LA304
NT435Pauline Theology & Romans [Greek]E24 subjects incl. 301, 302 + LA304
RDN31Foundations for NT ExegesisE1LA304
TH401Knowledge of GodE14 subjects
TH402The Being of God & the Work of ChristE24 subjects
TH403Doctrine of Grace & EschatologyO14 subjects
TH404Church, Sacraments, MinistryO24 subjects
TH489Seminar - Contemporary TheologyAll1O.T., N.T., Theology & C.H. core
Philosophy and Ethics
PE301Introduction to Christian EthicsE1None
PE418Christian Faith in SocietyE24 subjects
PE420Christian ApologeticsO24 subjects
Church History
CH301The Church to 1550All1None
CH3021550 to Modern timesAll2None
CH421Continental ReformationE24 subjects incl 301&302 or 303&304
Evangelism and Missiology
EM302History of Christian MissionsE1None
EM305Theology of MissionO2None
EM324Evangelism PrinciplesO1None
EM425Applied EvangelismAll24 subjects incl. 324
Pastoral and Church Focused Ministry
PC315Christian WorshipO1None
PC402Pastoral CareE14 subjects + 1 TH400
PC403Pastoral Skills & MethodsO24 subjects + 1 TH400
PC408Spiritual FormationAll2None
PC435Leadership & ManagementO14 subjects + 1 TH400
RDC31Creeds & ConfessionsO2None
RDP31Principles of PreachingE2None
RDP42Practice of PreachingAllBothRDP31
LA301Introduction to Biblical HebrewE1None
LA303aBiblical Hebrew [4]E1None
LA303bBiblical Hebrew [4]E2LA303
LA302Intro to NT GreekO1None
LA304aNT Greek [4]O1None
LA304bNT Greek [4]O2LA304
Projects & Practicals
PE/EM/PC4xx xxPracticalAll24 Core, check with supervisor
++490ProjectAllBothTwo 400 level subjects in field chosen

Lots to learn!

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