Sunday, May 15, 2011

There is always new news

The news is I dropped church history a few weeks ago. I got so sick of not doing anything else because it took up so much of my time. I love history but it was basically a subject and a half which meant my other subjects were suffering.

We had another Greek exam on Friday - 62.5% which is fine. A pass satisfies me but beating smart guys who are doctors or in a profoundly intelligent profession does inflate my head rather a lot. So I beat Henry again and I was surprised I got more than some of the other smarty pants in the class. Tim always beats me but that is to be expected.

Speaking of Tim, he made Koine scrabble tiles and we played take two. It was good fun and each person playing had moments of complete brilliance. The picture on the right is something I came up with when I was fiddling with tiles to get them to fit with my main group. It was right before resurrection day and I only grasped part of it at the time. Well dia (dia) can mean two things but the meaning is dependant on the following word and the case it takes. In this case, uioV (hwios) (pretend there is a rough breathing on the iota), which means son, is in the nominative so it doesn't mean anything, but if you change it to uiou (hwioo), which is the genitive, then dia  means through. Through the Son. (I know it's missing the definite article but you get the point right?) If uioV  takes the accusative, uion (hwion), then dia  means on account of. On account of the Son. I thought it was pretty nifty and I hope you do too.

Today I submitted my first real assignment which was for Old Testament. I will post it soon and I expect constructive criticism!
I have another assignment due on Tuesday for Theology. I am so looking forward to this one and I hope I will be able to work solidly tomorrow to get as much done as possible.

Wedding plans are coming along and if you're in the mood for praising God then remember to mention my wedding dress which He so wonderfully provided. A wife of one of the students gave me hers - for free!
Craig is working hard to get things ready for when I return home and he booked flights for me to travel home for a visit during my first reading week. Craig is also hard at work organising the wedding - I graciously inform him of my opinion and leave it up to him. He will be the best husband in the world!


  1. I should figure out how to get a Greek keyboard on your computer. Then you could type δια υἱόν and δια υἱου as easily as I can. The way you've typed it, the Greek doesn't show up on my computer. And your marks should hopefully climb somewhat for the next test, if you keep up with the vocab :).

  2. (by the comment on your marks climbing, I meant that, if I score the same next time, and you beat your previous best by a bit, or if I go down next time as much as last time, then you'll be ahead of me :).

  3. So interesting. I had a similar experience with church history in Bible College.

  4. If you have Microsoft Word you have greek letters. Glad your wedding plans are coming along nicely. Can't believe you are playing scrabble in Greek! You go girl!