Saturday, July 30, 2011

Study Study Study

Second semester is well under way; Greek started the other week and I'm busy trying to keep up with the New Testament unit.

I have to Skype twice a week for class and do exercises relating to the lessons. We're also working through the first few chapters of Mark's gospel. Vocab must not be forgotten! It is the key to coping with the work load - thank you very much to the people who gave me this valuable piece of information at the start of the year!

Early New Testament Church - Acts to Revelation:
Starting reading with Luke and Acts, and how they work together. I must say that had I realised Luke was going to pop up I would have been more diligent during my holiday in getting ahead with reading.

One thing I've found very interesting is the genealogies in Matthew and Luke. They go different directions and take a different line. I think it's really nifty that both lines match up at King David either through Solomon or Nathan. The implications are a bit much to discuss here and now...and would require me to be really smart. I like to ponder things and this is something I shall ponder for a while.

Craig is busy working on a sermon for tomorrow. He's been preaching through Colossians and will be focussing on the latter verses of chapter 1. I was given the privilege of reading what he'd written earlier today and I must say I am really looking forward to church tomorrow. 

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  1. Great to see your updates! Great to see your new semester is progressing. I remember those days. I have always loved Luke and Acts! Looking forward to meeting Luke one day.