Friday, August 5, 2011

One of those weeks. . .

Where nothing really went according to my plans but I'm sure everything was just as God had intended.

Monday: I was still battling with reading through Luke and Acts. It seemed like it was taking forever.
Tuesday: Craig was sick and took the day of work. I Skyped for Greek and I didn't get any study done.
Wednesday: All was well until about 3.30pm when I found the laundry and part of the hall way flooded.
Thursday: I finshed Acts and the lesson, then I waffled through the questions till 10.30pm.
Today: Started to feel sick too.

The second batch of towels

That patch was the wettest

Craig with the water vac

The flooded laundry was rather epic. The water was about 2 inches deep and it was so cold! I get the giggles when I think what my face must have looked like when I put my slippered foot into the laundry and it made a splosh. I "sandbagged" the hallway with towels to help control the spread of the water and dry the sodden carpet. Then I called my father-in-law and he came to fix the pipe. The pipe where water drains from the washing machine had come apart at the joint. The rubber seal inside the joint was in backwards and the trough it sits in isn't fixed to anything. All it took was someone to bump the trough and the pipe ceased to be attached to the joint. It took me over 30 mins to mop up the 3+ buckets of water from the laundry. The water seeped under the walls and into the hallway. I am very grateful the bedrooms and study were spared. Craig borrowed a water vacuum from the cleaner at work and that helped get some of the water out of the carpet.

The affects are still being felt; I haven't managed to wash even half the towels I used. I didn't realise we had so
many. 24 and counting! Useful I will admit and my linen cupboard really needed sorting. God must have killed a flock of birds with one stone. My mother-in-law brought me a basket with most of her towels after I ran out. If I'd realised it wasn't going to rain today I'd have definitely got the washing done. But then I did run out of washing powder after the second wash of towels.

I got thinking about all the reasons why God might have let this happen. I'm certain He was refining us in some way. I kept thinking of funny things. For example a train of thought while I was mopping went something like this: if I just happened to be a dodgy preacher I'd get a "comparison" out of this. Just like after the flood, when the world was beautiful and clean, so too shall my laundry floor be clean - no more mopping for another month! God is good. *Cue cheesy smile with white, shiny teeth and goofy hairstyle, looking straight into the camera* He could be good for you too. He could make your whole house clean. All you need is a dodgy plumbing job, faith as big as a mountain, an IQ as small as a mustard seed, and a check for a ridiculous amount of money in the post to me (only God knows your heart and your bank account), and God will clean your house from top to bottom and make it new like Earth after the flood.

I have no trouble amusing myself.

I feel like my stress level was permanently stuck on "heart attack waiting to happen". Wednesday I felt hopeless, Thursday I felt defeated, today I feel grateful for the week that was. Even though I can't definitely say I know what God wanted me to learn I can say I learned something. If I thought today was bad, tomorrow could be worse, but so long as I am "in Christ" my world won't end. Spiritually it will only get better and better as in this life things get worse and worse. I no longer pray for things to go well or to be easy for how would I be sanctified? I simply ask for God to get me through one day at a time with His grace and mercy.


  1. I remember the night (1:00AM) I awoke to the sound of the toilet overflowing. Stepped into the hallway - splash, splash. Jiggled the handle.

    My first thought: "This happened so suddenly, in a day and hour that I did not expect."

    Then, for a brief, terrifying moment I imagined that I was in that interim where I had just heard, "Depart from Me, ye cursed into everlasting fire..." and was about to plummet into a ever descending horror of darkness. No chance of having my case brought up for review. This was it!

    Pausing from extracting the water from the carpet (I had a Sutorbilt positive displacement vacuum pump outside, in my van, with 2" d. hoses) I prayed, confessing my sins, and asking that if I have been presumptious and in error about being a Christian for so many years, please save me now.

    Overwhelmed by assurance that I was indeed in Christ, my thoughts turned to the many people who are not (yet) in Christ, and the fact that every day I look into the faces of men and women who will one day soon hear those words of judgment as they stand on the precipice of eternity. I went from fearfully doubting my own standing before God, to what the Lord really wanted me to be concerned about: the salvation of those who are lost and have no hope in this world.

    The experience of that night remains ever fresh in my memory, and I don't have to guess how God will use it for the good of myself and others, and for His Glory.


    Patience, I seem to have turned a comment on your post into a sort of blog post of my own; but after reading about your experience, I felt that I just had to get this out. If I have intruded, I apologise.

    Craig Boyd

  2. Sounds like you have an interesting experience! Floods are no fun, no matter how little or big.

    You are so right however, many times God over rules our plans and works somethings into our lives He thinks is needed.

  3. So nice to hear from both of you!

    Craig, not at all. Reading about your experience was very encouraging! I hope others will feel the same way.

  4. I think its a rite of passage for a newly married couple ('those who marry will face many troubles in this life?)
    I remember when Luke I first got married and we lived in a small, cheap apartment and because it was cheap the hot water cylinder in the flat above us broke and water poured down into our flat from above. All our lovely new towels ( wedding presents) got soaked cleaning it up and they smelt awful! So wet!
    One of the refinements of marriage is facing those exruciatingly annoying, boring, mundanities!
    The refinement is loving each other more and learning to laugh about it and not 'look down the barrel' of what a time waster it was. Well, thats the opposite of what I did in our first years of marriage so probably best to avoid it!

    XO Love you ( we still don't know where we're living next year yet and have been sick as dogs too - hope to see you sometime!)