Thursday, December 30, 2010

Untitled Poem

The Lord our God who Createth is one;
When He died for some said "it is finished, it is done".

The Lord, when He taketh away your sin,
Into Heaven can bid you "come enter in".

The Lord, He is perfect, pure and just,
"In Him", may you say, "will I put my trust".

The Lord surely knows that you are a wretch;
Fear not! He alone can make the stretch.

The Lord will cleanse you so stand erect!
The Lord hath chosen, thou art predestined, elect!

The Lord who creates, is sovereign and saves,
Will uphold and nurture you - He planned ALL your days!

The Lord is preparing a new Heaven and Earth,
For His precious Bride, a glorious berth.

The Lord will be glorified for eternity long,
Through the justice of Hell, and saints with angels in song.

Ok so there could be some heresy in there...or bad grammar! Shoot me an email if something needs changing.


  1. Hi Patience! I love your poem!
    I noticed that's it's Thursday on your blog, but it's still Wednesday here in Nevada USA. So does that mean that you're one day closer to Heaven than I am? LOL!

    I hope you had a great Christmas!
    Countdown now till you get to go to school! Hooray!
    With Love!

  2. Great poem! Thanks for sharing it!

  3. Thanks Diane,

    Yes Australia is ahead in relation to the date. I think by 15 or more hours. I guess God isn't bound by time like us so you could beat me there!

    Christmas was a nice family time. I hope yours was blessed.

    5 weeks till I leave! I'm starting to get really excited and a little bit nervous.

    Hey Gregg, no probs.