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A write up from Pastor Gregg

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Becky, There Are No Lines
"For the mind that is set on the flesh is hostile to God, for it does not submit to God's law; indeed it cannot. Those who are in the flesh cannot please God." Romans 8:7-8 (ESV)

Someone has forwarded to me for a second time a new song. There is another "feel-good" CAC ("Christian"-Approved Correct) song making the rounds on the Internet and Face book via YouTube. It is called, "Where is the Line To See Jesus?" This is designed to make people feel  all  "Christianie" during this season of commercialization, spending, and celebration. The idea is that there are long lines in the stores and such but there is not a line for Jesus. People have lined up to see "Santa" and a little boy asks his mommy where is the line to see Jesus.

I, for one, would be worried if there were a line amongst the "worldlings" to see Jesus. Since there is such a hostility between God and man until God, in His sovereign timing by His Holy Spirit overcomes that hostility and changes heart and mind of a man, no one wants to see Jesus. As a matter of fact the Bible says that man loves the darkness and his dark deeds so much that he hates the light and won't come to the light. (Colossians 1:3; John 3:19-20)

Please don't fool yourself, or worse yet, convince yourself that men and women are going to get all "Jesusy" around this time of year and line up for Jesus. Feel-good emotional songs designed to tug at our hearts and bring tears will not end this hostility.

We can look to the New Testament and the life of Jesus and see that for a time great crowds did line up to see Jesus and to follow him. The world will line up at one time or another and for one or more of the following reasons Men did follow Jesus for the...

...Multitudes - yes some followed because others were flocking to Jesus to see what the "fuss" was all about. They heard about a man saying and doing strange things and performing miracles.

...Meals - many followed because they had been fed on at least two occasions. Times were hard and to have some feed you was welcomed.

...Miracles - many more followed because they had received something. Some were healed of terrible infirmities or diseases, some were raised from the dead, and some saw Jesus perform wonderful miracles

...Master - very few followed Jesus because they were willing to own him as Master

Remember, when Jesus put it all on the line and laid down the requirements to be his disciple and to follow him, what did those who had lined up do? They turned back and followed him no more. As a matter of fact so many left the "lines" that Jesus asked his disciples if they too were going to turn back and go away. The world  does not want to "line up and follow" the Jesus of the Bible nor do they want to own Him as Master.

Where's the line for the Lord asks the singer? Don't look hard or long since you won't see one. People will not line up for the God or the Jesus of the Bible. They will always line up for a God or Jesus of their own imagination. No one, Romans 3 says very clearly will line up for Jesus. No one will until God in His grace and by His mercy overcomes the sin and darkness of their hearts and transfers them into the kingdom of His dear Son.

Let me encourage you to put away this commercialized and sentimental view of the Christ-child and pick up the Bible and read deeply of the wonderful, gracious, and miraculous incarnation of the Son of God. Read of the reason for the incarnation. Then, if you haven't as of yet, find a quiet place, fall on your face and plead with God to save your soul thereby ending the hostility between you and God. Give God glory for the incarnation of the Christ-child!

If you have done this and you are a child of God, resist the temptation to forward this sappy, sentimental, yet biblically empty song and share something truly substantial. Share the gospel with someone this year. Are you looking for that perfect gift that fits all? That gift no one can return? Share the gift of the Son of God who died to overcome the hostility between God and man and who reconciles God to man. That is the gift that will keep on giving.

You have a lovely voice and great talent but Becky, there are no lines.

Gregg Metcalf
"Spreading a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the glory of God and the joy of all people through Jesus Christ in Longview, Washington."

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