Thursday, February 24, 2011

Greek Test Results and Books

Well I passed the Greek test...just. But it's a pass so I'm still very happy!

Below are my books:
Old Testament - The OT Survey (compulsory) and The Goldsworthy Trilogy (recommended)
Gospel of John - The NT Survey (compulsory) and John commentary (possibly compulsory)
Theology - Know the Truth (compulsory)
NT Greek - Elements of NT Greek

There is a list of recommended and extra reading. I'm sticking with that stack and the glorious library here!


  1. Hi Patience, seeing all those books makes me very nostalgic for '93 when I first started at theo college. Every blessing with your studies, Campbell.

    ps Ta for supporting my little blog.

  2. I love books. Listen, let me share with you what my first year greek/ theology professor once told us:

    Guys, you need to eat bread to live, but you don't need to eat butter. Take the money you would have spent on butter and buy books!

    I don't eat butter on bread to this day - I buy books!