Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our first test looms...

At 11am tomorrow, Australian Eastern Standard Time, twenty something MDiv, BTh and DipTh students will be sitting the first test of the year. 

*Cue the opening bar of Beethoven's 5th*

I'm exaggerating! It won't be too bad but I would like to get a decent mark. I love Greek and I love the challenge but my brain is so rusty and dusty!

The test will be 40% English Grammar, 20% Greek Alphabet, and 40% Translating both ways. Basically chapters 1-5 from the book. I think the English Grammar will be my down fall. The test is worth 10%  of my overall Greek mark for the semester. We have plenty of tests lined up. I'm guessing the next one will contain vocab.

I'd best go back to my studying.

1 comment:

  1. You've been there for about a week and this is your first test? Holy Cow, we had tests everyday in Greek. You couldn't be late for class, if you were you might miss part or all of the daily test. Here is to hoping you do well!

    Remember, it is just beginning! :}