Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tomorrow Beginneth Intensive Greek.

I should really be getting an early night instead of blogging...

I dashed back to Tasmania for a wedding over the weekend, and I decided I would make and take flash cards with the Greek Alphabet. Rather successful, I think, and it certainly made the travelling less monotonous.

I had about 3 hours in the Melbourne CBD before heading out to the airport, not having anything in particular to do, I hopped on the free City Circle Tram. I got off at Melbourne Central shopping centre and proceeded to covet my way past each window until I found an exit near the tram stop.

I took the bus to the airport and was hideously early, but being a wet Friday evening , I didn't fancy being in the city. True to Tasmanian style, I bumped into a Christian brother who was also on the same plane, two rows in front of me. We were very blessed that our flight was only delayed about 30 minutes. Other flights were severely delayed and some even cancelled. Praise the Lord!

All I'll say about the wedding is: beautiful!

I made it back to RTC, about lunchtime today, after a long walk. Lets just say my impatience got the better of me and I took the first bus that went in the general direction of RTC. All was well after a nanny nap! I missed the morning service so I went to this evening's prayer service and was very satisfied spiritually. I got to meet the RTC principal, Murray, his lovely wife, and a few of his children. I am so grateful and blessed to have met so many lovely people already and I am finding it a bit overwhelming.

So Greek starts at 9am tomorrow morning. I haven't met the lecturer yet but I have been assured he's great and I'll love his lectures. This evening I met another Greek student and we had a good old chat. I think I will be fine tomorrow and it helps knowing that there will be familiar faces. The end of the week will be interesting. By Friday my brain will have turned to mush!

(Click on the picture for a better view)

Much prayer for wisdom, concentration and a non-mushy brain would be very appreciated!


  1. I remember those days. Prayers sent out for you!

  2. I'm so excited to see you're settling in Patience. I never took Greek in Bible School, but hubby says it's like Math - the secret is never getting behind. :)
    Love you!

  3. Thank you so much my friends!

    Gregg, you're a champ.

    Diane, your wisdom is much appreciated! I have kept that in mind all evening to add to my motivation.