Saturday, January 1, 2011


How do you evangelise?
Do you have a favourite technique?
Do you have any favourite resources?
Do you know someone who has a site dedicated to evangelism?

These are my favourite sites on evangelism:
Operation 3:15 (and their blog)
The Way Of The Master
Living Waters
Fish With Trish


  1. Hi patience, tis Amy, alias Donners.
    Evangelism for me is a very organic process that requires a whole post ( or a series).
    Firstly, much prayer, then much asking questions and listening, followed by explaining my own position and how I have reached it. This is my usual habit, but sometimes I get to explain my position first. My favourite resources vary as I try to know a lot about the person's background before I loan/give books/tracts. In the past I had tracts I gave to all and got a lot of 'it wasn;t for me'. However, when I spent longer in the 'learning someone's worldview' time, I found the books I gave fitted their needs more. However I do love 'religion is for fools' by Bill medley and 'more than a carpenter' by Josh Mcdowell.

  2. Hi Patience.

    I have been blogging with friends for a few years specifically on evangelism, on and off, and have been developing my ideas about.

    And I activley twitter @tellaussies

    I am looking forward to a productive and God glorifying year of evangelism.

    A good study/DVD to use with your growth group is, Just Start Talking by matthias media in Sydney.

  3. You've suggested the sites I would have. I love Trish's ideas for handing out tracts.
    Have a blessed Lord's Day sister!

  4. Thank you friends. It's great to hear what other Christians are doing because one can feel very isolated at times.

  5. Re: feeling isolated, that's what fellowship groups are for :).

  6. I was in two Bible studies, a prayer group and Christian book study group. Most nights were taken up with something "fellowshipy". When you're in a town of 2000 with a small number of Christians and only a handful of reformed thinkers, it is rather lonely. True fellowship is not a bunch of people who call themselves Christians getting together. That is friendship. Fellowship is when we encourage, teach, exhort and more. We together grow closer to God.