Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Judges Chapter 5 through Revelation in 5 weeks....?! (Day 2)

1Samuel 26 through 2 Kings

I was hoping to get through Job but it didn't happen. Today is a new day so maybe I'll get there.

Most people would know the usual bits like David and Bathsheba, Amnon and Tamar etc.
I would like to draw your attention to 2 Samuel 21
1) Rizpah - what a mother! Do you see the dedication and sacrifice? That is love.
2) Goliath had offspring - worth reading for the descriptions.

It was all a great read but a bit tedious when my audio Bible malfunctioned. I think I wasted about an hour and a half battling through the first part of 1Kings. I kept stopping to confab with my flatmate. I've found I am less tempted to talk when the disk keeps going and I have to keep up.

I have a question in relation to 2Kings 1. The god of Ekron is named Baal-Zebub - which looks and sounds an awful lot like Beelzebub. Baal-Zebub means Lord of the Flies right? Is there a connection between the names or is it just one of those 'too close for comfort' scenarios?

Bring on 1Chronicles!

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  1. I could be confused, but might they be merely Goliath's relatives rather than offspring?

    You're right about Baal-zebub = Beelzebub. בעל (ba'al) means "master, lord, husband", and זבוב (zebub) means "fly".