Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Saving Marriage - A Battle Of The War

There is a war raging world wide. The war in which every Christian will have to take a stand, whether they like it or not. As children of God we are called to defend the faith and pursue truth; we must do that which glorifies our God and Father. Are you willing to do anything for Him who pulled you out of darkness? Are you willing to risk it all? The Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is constantly under attack and we must continue to fight by consistently proclaiming that Glorious Truth.

One of the current battles in this war is marriage: The covenant between one man and one woman, before God Almighty.

This is what Pastor Campbell Markham, from the Saving Marriage blog, said in his post 'Is Same-sex Marriage a Gospel Issue?': "If we redefine marriage, and so distort it, we distort one of God's most beautiful and powerful pictures of the Gospel.  It's hard to hear Beethoven's genius through broken headphones.  It's hard to see Raphael's genius through fogged and cracked glasses.  It will only be harder for us and our children to grasp the Gospel if we allow this God-given picture of it to be mangled."

In his post, Opening Pandora's Box, Pastor Markham stated: "It is utterly arbitrary to allow homosexuals to marry on the grounds that they love each other without also allowing it to other kinds of 'loving' couples. If marriage is redefined these other people will demand their 'human rights' too! This is an objection to gay marriage that simply hasn't been answered .

Canada legalised gay 'marriage' in 2005. In late 2010 polygamy became a live issue there, because Islam and fundamentalist branches of Mormonism want it. So now the Canadian government has to decide whether they will enforce laws that prohibit it. But what is to prevent the Mormons and the Muslims using exactly the same arguments as the gay lobby to defend their practice? Why should others discriminate against us. Don't we have an equal right to form whatever marriage arrangements we choose to make? If we love each other then why shouldn't we be allowed to marry?

Once we begin redefining marriage, how will we resist these further pressures? How will we re-shut Pandora's box?"

The war is essentially about the true Gospel and one of the battles in this war is over marriage. Christian, do you think the conservative view of marriage is merely 'stuffy'and 'old fashioned'? Do you think Christian's need to 'chill' and become more 'culturally aware'? Have you read your Bible lately? I recommend Genesis 1:26-31 & 2:18-24. From the very beginning, God instated marriage as a covenant between one man and one woman. Does not God know best? How then is it the 'folly of the conservative'? Perhaps you do not consider the Bible to be the ultimate authority? I shall elucidate.

The Bible reveals what we need to know about God and His will. Either the Bible is the highest authority in everything or it is no authority at all. If the latter is the case then
a) God must be puisne
b) even the ten commandments hold no sway
Hideously frightening! If we may do as we please with no regard to anyone (especially God) then God could charge us with no wrong, there would be no justice and God would not be loving. If, in your mind, any part of the Bible ceases to be authoritative, the remaining authority will crumble in time.

Do you respectfully cherish everything in the Word of God, or do you find It offensive and trample It because the world is your authority?

Marriage is but one battle, and there are many more battles to come. We must be prepared. There is no middle ground worth standing in, for that which is between the trenches is the most dangerous place of all.

Christian! I implore you to consider which trench you are really fighting from - God's or the world's?


  1. Thanks Patience, I read campbell's blog ( a bit). good linky!