Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Homesick before leaving?

A lot of people talk about not realising what they had before they lost it. I already know what I've got and I am, in a way, dreading leaving it. Physically, moving isn't that difficult, just a nuisance. I do like a good challenge and I am moderately motivated for the relocation.

I shall very much miss the Tassie scenery.

Behold the beauty:

The rest of Australia is spectacular too. Perhaps a post later in the year.


  1. Beautiful pictures. I've never had the pleasure of visiting Australia. Perhaps one of these days...

    We had friends visit us from Australia. Their little girls were fascinated with the squirrels in our yard. I'd love to see a kangaroo hopping around.

    May the Lord bless your studies.

  2. Looks like a very beautiful place! How far of a move is it?

  3. Thank you :-)

    If you come to Australia you are welcome to say with me if I am not still in a dormitory!